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Scott Walker Zings Hillary Clinton on Twitter Over 'Bully' Charge

Hillary Clinton, who is actively courting the union vote, went on the offensive against Scott Walker on Twitter Monday. She characterized his Wisconsin union reforms as “attacks on unions,” and called him a “bully”:

But no one plays defense like the soft-spoken but lethal Scott Walker:

The left used everything — including actual “bullying” — in an attempt to stop Governor Walker in 2011, when he signed common-sense union reform legislation. The series of demonstrations that ensued involved as many as 100,000 (largely bused-in) protestors at the Wisconsin Capitol. Union bosses fought every reform and initiated a recall vote against Walker.

Walker not only beat the recall effort, he won more votes in the recall than he did in his initial election. Walker then easily won his 2014 reelection bid, a third win in four years.

Walker recently took another “whack at the hornet’s nest” by proposing a plan to eliminate federal employee unions and to abolish the National Labor Relations Board.

The GOP 2016 candidate has seen his poll numbers collapse since the beginning of the year, when a fiery speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit vaulted him into frontrunner status. Over the summer, he went from an unmistakable top-tier candidate to one who is barely registering. 

In the second GOP presidential debate on Wednesday, Walker’s supporters are hoping to see a bit more passion and energy from their candidate.