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BREAKING: Turkey Explodes in Political Violence as Obama Ally Erdogan Unleashes Shock Troops

Political violence exploded in Turkey today as supporters of Islamist President Recep Erdogan’s AKP Party attacked newspapers and offices of opposition political parties.

In June, Erdogan’s AKP lost seats in the Parliament and could not secure an absolute majority to form a government. Refusing to allow the opposition parties to do so, Erdogan announced new elections in November, as he wages war against Kurdish groups in Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Erdogan presumably hopes his ongoing “counter-terror” campaign will shake enough votes loose from the opposition, or at least suppress their vote enough for AKP to control the Parliament.

Erdogan is not only targeting Kurdish groups. In recent days, he unleashed AKP shock troops on the offices of critical newspapers and on political opponents.

Appropriately, Erdogan’s Kristallnacht is occurring on the week marking the 60th anniversary of the Istanbul pogrom that targeted religious and ethnic minorities in 1955.

The event is complete with calls for massacres:

Targets in tonight’s AKP violence include the Hurriyet newspaper, and offices of the rival CHP and HDP parties:

The U.S. Embassy in Ankara has responded with two strongly worded tweets in support of press freedom and calling for restraint in inciting violence:

One wonders what comment Obama would give regarding the behavior of Erdogan — whom Obama has cited as one of his top five international friends.

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