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CNN Amending Debate Criteria, Benefiting Carly Fiorina

CNN decided today to amend the criteria for its Republican presidential debate on September 16, giving Carly Fiorina a greater chance to join the other top-tier candidates on the stage.

The cause: a lack of national public polling following the August 6 debate has so far provided only three new polls to determine the lineup for the Reagan Presidential Debate, according to a CNN statement.

As a result, CNN reevaluated its criteria and decided to add a provision that better reflects the state of the race since the first Republican presidential debate in August, the network announced Tuesday.

Now, any candidate who ranks in the top 10 in polling between August 7 and September 10 will be included.

Fiorina reacted to the good news on the Hugh Hewitt Show this afternoon. Hewitt asked Carly if the new criteria would change how she is preparing for the debate.

“Well obviously, now we know who we’re going to be on the stage with — that’s helpful,” she laughed. “And I really look forward to the debate.  I look forward to having a substantive conversation that I know that’s what we will have because you, Hugh, are one of the moderators.  I look forward to having a substantive conversation about the issues that face our nation with the other front-runners.  Which we would have more of, not less of.”

“Does this instantly become a Trump-Fiorina showdown?” Hewitt wondered.
“I don’t know about that, but certainly Trump is the front-runner,” the former Hewlett Packard CEO answered. “He is someone that I look forward to discussing and debating with.”

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