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For a 'Silenced' Journalist, Jorge Ramos Sure Is Getting a Lot of Air Time

I must confess. A couple of days ago, I had no idea who Jorge Ramos was. I imagine many others were likewise unfamiliar with the Univision newscaster before Donald Trump made him famous by kicking him out of a press conference.

Among several media appearances since the confrontation with Trump on Tuesday, Ramos was on The Kelly File Wednesday night. Fusion reports what he had to say:

“The only thing that I wanted to do was to ask a question,” Ramos told host Megyn Kelly. “He tried to silence me and in this country you cannot do that. I’m a citizen, I’m an immigrant, I’m a reporter. And I have the right in this country to ask any question I want, to whomever I want.”

Wow. Okay.

First of all, can we bask ever so briefly in the irony of being “silenced” on national television, then getting to rant about it ad nauseam on all the major networks? This guy has been anything but silenced. He should send Trump a thank you note for the exposure.

That aside, what’s with this notion that freedom of speech or freedom of the press somehow grants license to say whatever you want, wherever you want, with the expectation of a compliant audience? There’s nothing about citizenship, immigration status, or press credentials that entitles you to be acknowledged or listened to.