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Poll: Most Blacks Prefer 'All Lives Matter' to 'Black Lives Matter'

Democrats who allow themselves to be cowed by the “Black Lives Matter” movement do so at their own peril according to a Rasmussen poll released last Thursday. The group’s motto is not nearly as popular as they pretend it is.


Two out of three blacks prefer the term “all lives matter” to “black lives matter,” according to the poll.

Only 31 percent of black people surveyed said that the statement “black lives matter” most closely comports to their own beliefs, compared to 64 percent who chose “all lives matter.”

Overall, respondents overwhelmingly chose “all lives matter” over “black lives matter” — 78 percent to just 11 percent. Nine percent are lives-matter neutral, responding that neither statement reflects their point of view.

Despite their best efforts and with much of the media biased in their favor, the “Black Lives Matter” narrative has been utterly rejected by most Americans.  Eighty-one percent of white and 76 percent of minority respondents prefer “all lives matter.”

According to Newsbusters, the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have not done stories on this revealing poll.

 A Google News search on “Rasmussen black lives matter” (not in quotes, sorted by date) indicates that no one else in the establishment press is treating Rasmussen’s result as news.


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