Gun Violence in New York City up Sharply in De Blasio and SAFE Act Era

Tougher gun laws? CHECK.

Progressive mayor who won’t back police? CHECK.

Sharp rise in gun violence? CHECK.

Shootings in New York City have been rising for two straight years, the first time that has happened since the end of the 1990s, when the city was still in the early years of a remarkable downturn in crime.

Homicides by gunfire, seen as a key measure of preventable violence, are up steeply this year. Of the 135 killings through May, 98 involved a gun, up from 69 such killings at this point in 2013 and in 2014.

Taken together, the trends raise concern heading into the summer months, when street violence is often most pronounced. So far this year, there have been 439 shootings, 20 percent higher than the historic low in 2013, though well under the more than 2,000 logged two decades ago.


What happened after the “historic low” mentioned above? Gov. Andrew Cuomo capped the year by pressuring the passage of the SAFE Act, which he said would stop criminals from buying guns.


That was mixed with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s rollback of “stop and frisk,” which a recent victim’s family begged him to bring back.

Gosh, it seems that criminals don’t pay much attention to gun laws and are more likely to act if they know the cops are a bit hamstrung in identifying them. Who’d have seen that coming?!?!?

Like almost (I’m feeling generous today) all liberal pet issues, the logic they use for guns and crime is nonexistent. You and I know that. What America needs are the non-lunatics from the other side to be able to coherently pick apart the glaring weaknesses of the liberal positions. Is that too much to ask?


Check the current White House occupant and let me know.


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