Media Bias 101: Politico Upset That Non-Candidate Walker Isn't Taking Questions on Israel Tour

Despite the presence of a declared candidate for the 2016 presidential race who isn’t taking questions, Politico really wants its readers to know that Scott Walker isn’t talking to them this week.


Want to know what Scott Walker thinks about the Obama administration’s preliminary deal with Iran on its nuclear program? Or the composition of Israel’s new government? This week, you’re out of luck.

The Wisconsin governor, the current Republican front-runner in some early voting state polls, is in Israel until Thursday, but he isn’t taking questions. Stung by his own past gaffes and those of other Republican presidential hopefuls abroad, Walker has locked the media out of his Israel trip, moving to burnish his foreign policy credentials without actually talking about foreign policy.

Oh good, a “gaffes” mention too!

The reason Mrs. Bill doesn’t take a lot of questions is because she’s so gaffetastic that she should be relegated to a YouTube channel rather than running for president of the United States again. Also, it’s sexist #WarOnWomen bullying to point out that she can’t campaign and chew gum at the same time or that she’s an imperious shrew who is disdainful of the very same media that constantly goes to bat for her.


But that Walker guy who isn’t even a candidate yet? HOW DARE HE?!?!?

Scott Walker scares the Democrats, hence the devotion to his lack of press interaction replete with digs at his foreign policy experience.

You know who else the MSM hardly ever says anything negative about?

John Ellis Bush.


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