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MSNBC Ratings Continue to Crater

Surprise! But not.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for MSNBC, along came the quarterly ratings reports.

In both daytime and prime time, MSNBC endured its lowest quarterly demo numbers in a decade, and its total viewership since the final quarter of 2007. Prime-time viewership was down 45 percent in the demo from the first quarter of 2014, while daytime viewership was down 39 percent in the demo.

On Tuesday, while Fox News and CNN were boasting their own quarterly numbers — Fox News remained dominant, CNN made major strides in the demo — MSNBC chose to focus on the month of March instead, where it boasted gains in prime time and a victory for “Morning Joe” over CNN’s “New Day.”

But things are still looking grim for MSNBC: Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, for instance, more people were watching Al Jazeera America than MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Thomas Roberts and “The Cycle.”

That’s right, even perpetually catering to the pro-terrorist crowd isn’t helping MSNBC pull numbers away from Al Jazeera America.

Unlike their favorite energy sources to talk about, the progressive audience isn’t a sustainable one because there aren’t as many progressives in America as the coastal media elites think there are. It doesn’t take that many to get distracted by things like prison or the occasional flirtation with employment to carve into your audience.

Bless their hearts, none of them have even tried to become more appealing. The entire lineup spent so many years being coddled by upper management that they don’t know they are failing miserably. Soon, most of them will be able to cuddle their participation trophies for comfort.

Until the money from their severance checks runs out.