Voxsplains How Childbirth Makes a New Dad Appreciate Abortion Even More

The rookie dad in question is Matt Yglesias, a charter member of the Juicebox Mafia, small children who think their political pontifications should be of interest to us all — and what is Vox except that philosophy writ large? — so you know something profoundly stupid is coming your way. But this one retires the Stupid Trophy:


Major life-changing events have a way of bringing things into focus. On March 5, my first child — a healthy baby boy by the name of Jose — was born, and I’ve been off work since then, only returning this week. Jose has changed my life already, and while it’s far too soon to say he’s changed my ideas about public policy, I will say that the reality of parenting does a great job of shifting priorities and highlighting certain key points.

Lots of parents (and non-parents!) no doubt will disagree with me about the points below. But for me, these are seven key political insights that the past 10 months have brought into focus.

Let me voxsplain some of them so you won’t have to slog through them: the U.S. health-care system sucks, mandates are bad if you don’t give the stuff you’ve just mandated to people for cheap or free, the feds should subsidize parenting through higher tax credits and force employers (yes, force) to give paid parenting leave — or, better yet, establish a federal Parenting Leave program financed by taxpayers — immigrants are great (what?) and “collective action” just can’t be beat. Right, I know: Zzzzzzzzz.

But here’s No. 4. Read it and weep:


After watching my wife gestate my son for nine months, I am 100 percent certain people who go into pregnancy with anti-abortion ethical priors come out of it with the strength of their convictions increased tenfold. I went into it with different priors and have come out with my own pro-choice convictions increased tenfold.

A beloved baby is a miraculous thing, but pregnancy is at times a truly agonizing and awful one. It’s a small price to pay for something a woman truly wants, but an enormous amount to pay for other people’s questionable metaphysical notions about personhood. In a decent society it would be both safe and convenient for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds to terminate an early stage pregnancy on demand without facing judgment and hassles.

No judgement, no hassles — and no morals. That’s the Juicebox Jeneration for you.



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