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Media Bus Accelerating, Bearing Down Hard on Hillary

You knew this was coming:

Prominent liberals are criticizing Hillary Clinton for using a personal email account on a private server to conduct work while Secretary of State. Lawmakers, pundits and even Saturday Night Live have skewered Clinton’s alleged secrecy and efforts at damage control.

Clinton allies have defended the former secretary of State, but she has stayed largely silent. Last week, in a late-night tweet, she said she had asked the State Department to make her emails public. But questions remain over the level of the White House’s knowledge of Clinton’s use of a personal account and whether emails have been lost from the public record.

Those concerns have many on the left sounding critical notes about the Democrats’ likely 2016 standard-bearer.

Among those quoted in The Hill‘s story are Sen. Dianne Feinstein, MSNBC’S Chris Matthews, comedian Jon Stewart, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, uber-hack Dana Milbank, neo-Stalinist David Corn  and — just to make sure Hillary gets the message — Obama guru and hatchet man David Axelrod. Quoth the modern incarnation of legendary Chicago newspaperman Jake Lingle: “By not answering these questions [about the emails], they’re allowing the story to fester in ways that are unhelpful and so, you know, lack of speed kills in this case.”

Don’t worry — this is going to get even uglier.


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