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Canada's Sun News Goes Off the Air


Canadian liberals are gloating this morning (actually, that’s an understatement) as word spreads that Sun News Network — dubbed “Fox News North” by those same detractors — has shut down.

I’ve posted numerous Sun News clips here at PJMedia over the years, particularly segments starring Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley.

They and their colleagues at Sun broke major stories, covered issues the country’s lockstep liberal media either wouldn’t touch or misreported, and interviewed guests you didn’t see anywhere else.

The problem was, cable providers weren’t required to carry Sun News like they are more established, mainstream news channels. Sun pleaded with the bureaucrats in charge for “must carry” status, and lost.

After that, its shutdown was only a matter of time.

A rumored deal to sell Sun to a Canadian media mogul fell through, according to last night’s breaking news reports.

The autopsies have already begun.

Liberals are crowing, with intentional irony, that “the market has spoken,” but that “market” was never entirely “free,” given Sun’s handicapped position on the “dial.”

Conservative commenters at various blogs accidentally provide a clue:

Many admit to not owning a TV anyhow, or being unprepared to pay the extra cable charges required to watch Sun as part of “specialty” packages.

Which is a shame. It’s funny how people can always find money and time for what’s really important to them.

After whining for generations about the lack of conservative/libertarian TV programming, not enough Canadians were willing to cough up a few dollars a month to watch it.

As Lance said here:

“Blame goes to us, not to anyone else.”

Anyway, here’s what Levant tweeted early this morning — a fitting valediction via Theodore Roosevelt: