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Gee, That's Too Damn Bad

Why are these guys not smiling?

Why are these guys not smiling?

Ratings for the Democrat political operation masquerading as a “news” channel, MSNBC, are in the tank:

MSNBC registered its lowest full-day rating in nearly a decade on Tuesday, a devastatingly low benchmark that shows just how severe the network’s decline has become.

The liberal cable news network drew an average of 55,000 viewers in the all-important 25-to-54 year-old demo on Tuesday, its lowest full-day rating since July 2005, according to Nielsen ratings provided by an industry source. CNN had nearly three times as many viewers in the demo; Fox News nearly five times as many.

Hey, it’s not like Fox News is so great — I gave up TV cable news long ago — but at least it’s not completely insane. The only real questions about MSNBC at this point are: 1) how long can president Phil Griffin keep his job, and 2) when is someone finally going to pull the plug on the whole mess?

Live by Obama worship, die by Obama worship.