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Former Intel Chairman Mike Rogers Plans Iowa Announcement 'Shaping' GOP Primary

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who declined to run for re-election at the end of the 113th Congress, is headed to Iowa this week for an announcement that his office said will be “shaping” the Republicans presidential primary.

Rogers, 51, hasn’t shown strong favoritism toward any of the current candidates, so it’s unknown if his announcement will be an endorsement.

The congressman “will be joined by Dr. Sam Clovis, former Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn, former Iowa National Guard commander Lt. General Ron Dardis (ret.), and other Iowans for a significant announcement impacting the First-in-the-Nation Caucuses and the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary,” the announcement this afternoon said.

Rogers’ announcement is coming Thursday afternoon in the Iowa State Capitol, and will include a press conference.

The former FBI agent and Army veteran, who served seven terms in the House, announced in March that he wouldn’t seek re-election and would move into broadcasting. He’s since become a CNN national security commentator and host of the nationally-syndicated Something to Think About with Mike Rogers on Westwood One.

Rogers announced last week that he joined the Hudson Institute as a distinguished fellow focusing on cyberwarfare and security, counterterrorism, and national security policy.

He also went on a speaking tour last summer, telling the Business Executives for National Security forum in Washington that he intended to focus on spreading an “articulate, dogged, national message” against isolationism when he left Congress.

“A strange confluence occurs where the views of those who naively believe murderous dictators will behave differently if we behave differently merges with those who are frustrated with events overseas. This group simply believes if we mind our own business, the world’s problems will not follow us home, and others will have to sort it out for themselves,” he said.

“Unfortunately for humanity, history has shown that to be simply not true. That is not what happens in an interconnected world in the year 2014, or when you are the world’s lone superpower.”