The Government Didn't Shut Down? Prove It.

We awoke this morning to news of compromise at the highest levels of public servantry. A $1.1 trillion withdrawal from our bank accounts, and from those of our grandchildren, met with jubilation on the Hill and in the media. The federal government did not — will not — shut down, they sing.


And Americans say, “Prove it — prove that the government is not shut down.”

ISIS clambers across Iraq and Syria like an army of Gollums, now gaining a toe-hold in Egypt as well. Bashar Assad sits on a throne of chemically-killed corpses piled high on Obama’s “red line.”

Putin rolls through Ukraine, daring Obama to make eye contact with him, while he pockets Obama’s lunch money.

Iran’s nuclear centrifuges spin as fast as Secretary Kerry’s diplomatic remarks.

There’s still no accounting or accountability for Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA spying on civilians, the horrors of V.A. purgatory, IRS muscling of conservatives and the massive government bailouts that saved Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.

Business lags and the economy drags, while the under-employed and underpaid wonder why Washington doesn’t seem to suffer from “the new normal” — just us.

And if you still think a government shutdown has been averted, trying making a phone call to a government agency to solve a problem.

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