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Elizabeth Warren to Hollywood: 'The Game Is Rigged in Congress'

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a trip to Beverly Hills, where she was honored by the ACLU and received the Ramona Ripston Liberty, Justice & Equality Award at the 91st Annual Bill of Rights Dinner.

Warren told her audience at the posh Beverly Wilshire: “We have to face it: The game is rigged in Congress.”

The senator from Massachusetts explained,  “We face a basic question in this country: Who does this government work for? Is government to advance the interests of the rich and the powerful? Does government exercise its power only for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers? Is it there only to strengthen the strong and enrich the wealthy? Or does government work for all of us?”

The Hollywood Reporter describes, “Warren’s address was a clear statement of the anti-Wall Street sentiment and economic populism that has made her a darling of the Democrats’ progressive wing. That includes many in Hollywood, where she did extensive fundraising for her successful run to unseat the Republican incumbent Scott Brown and recapture the seat long held by Ted Kennedy.”

Warren is a darling of the progressives and many are holding out hope she will throw her hat in the ring for a presidential run in 2016. “Warren told The Hollywood Reporter that when she looks out over a Hollywood crowd, she’s always struck by the fact they’re applauding policies that will end up costing them money.”