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David Corn Politicizes Texas' Ebola Plight

There’s nothing wrong with a little gallows humor when it comes to Ebola or any other scare/tragedy. When the story broke that an Ebola case had been confirmed in Texas, I popped off a few jokes myself on Twitter and on Facebook. Such as…

Does Obamacare cover bathing in Purell for three weeks? Asking for an entire state…


@Ebola has retweeted me twice today. It’s been nice knowing y’all.


In other news, full body hazmat suits become the new fashion “must have” this fall! #Ebola.

Harmless, non-hateful stuff, just making light of the serious situation that is unfolding three hours north of me, not too far from where I grew up.

But let’s get something straight here. Texas is a victim in the Ebola story. Our federal government continues to allow people to enter our country from areas where the outbreak is still ongoing and is not under control.

That is not Texas’ fault. We get no say in the matter, just as we get no say in the Obama administration’s ongoing negligence on the Texas-Mexico border.

We’re the victims here, of the leftwing, partisan Obama administration and its choices. The Obama government refuses to listen to us on any issue, and refuses to give us any say in anything. Obama’s attitude, six years into a failed presidency, remains “I won.”

Leave it to leftwinger David Corn to kick the victims for the sake of politics.


Mr. Corn should be careful what he wishes for. Texas supplies much of the nation’s energy. Texas supplies an outsized portion of the U.S. military. If it weren’t for the vibrant Texas economy, the US economy would have lost jobs the entire time that President Obama has been in office. So Texas makes your president, Corn, look better than he actually is.