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The View's Alleged Republican Endorses 'Progressive' Chris Christie

The View’s alleged Republican, Nicolle Wallace, probably thinks she did NJ Gov. Chris Christie a favor when she endorsed him today.

Wallace, who has been a perennial Palin basher since she worked on the ill-fated McCain-Palin campaign in 2008, described Christie as “progressive.”


WHOOPI GOLDBERG: “Chris is an interesting cat. I don’t know if I want him as president. I know I want him—“
NICOLLE WALLACE: “Do you want him to run? Do you want to see it?”
GOLDBERG: “I want to see — I just want to see somebody who is not yelling and pissed off and saying if you’re not this, you’re not American, if you don’t believe — I mean—“

You mean, like Obama does, regarding “inversions”? No?

WALLACE: “He’s from Jersey so he yells sometimes. But I think that’s a Jersey thing. But I think its politics.”
GOLDBERG: “It’s not a Jersey thing.”
WALLACE: “It’s a Chris thing.”
GOLDBERG: “It’s a Chris thing yeah. It’s okay.”
WALLACE: “But I think his politics are an interesting and Progressive and modern swath of the country and I’d like to see him in.”
GOLDBERG: “Everybody look in the camera. Chris Christie—“

Very nice. A top Republican strategist either doesn’t know that progressivism=statism and is the antithesis of the GOP’s small government beliefs, or she does know and favors progressivism anyway.

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