Wisconsin Dem Prosecutors Desperate For Another Chance To Be Embarrassed By Scott Walker

If at the ballot box you can’t succeed

Wisconsin prosecutors asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday for approval to restart an investigation into possible illegal coordination between Governor Scott Walker’s campaign and special interest groups during elections in 2011 and 2012.

A federal judge in May halted the investigation after a lawsuit by the Wisconsin Club for Growth, a conservative organization, accusing investigators of sidelining it from political activities, violating its rights to free speech, association and equal protection.

Prosecutors appealed the judge’s ruling shutting down the probe launched in 2012 by Milwaukee County Democratic District Attorney John Chisholm.


After Walker’s thorough running-over of Big Labor in Wisconsin, Democrats may very well harass him for the rest of his days, even long after he is out of office. One simply does not challenge the entrenched 1900’s order of things that, um, progressives, long for and get away with it.

When angry Democrats are in the mix, there is always a very good chance that they will eventually find a judge or a court that’s willing to fight their battles for them, no matter how far they have to overstep their boundaries to do so. Even if (BIG “if”) they manage to eventually wound Walker, his legacy is secure after what he’s accomplished the past few years and should remain a beacon of hope for conservatives in other blue-ish states.


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