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Asking the Question As We're Reminded Again of the War Against America


I’m reminded of Roger L. Simon over the weekend offering “My Isis Strategy“:

Send them a message they will never forget — and if that message resembles Dresden in World War II, so be it.  They have brought it on themselves.  We should not take sides in the Neanderthal Sunni-Shiite rift in which they have been killing each other for over a thousand years for pathological cultish reasons. Both sides want nothing more than a caliphate.  They just want their caliphate.

And most importantly of all, we should reinstate the economic boycott of Iran even more tightly than it was before while informing the bloody mullahs and the Iranian people that we support regime change now, not pussy-foot around about it as Obama did when the students were marching in the streets of Tehran (the most morally reprehensible behavior by an American president in my lifetime). We can’t allow the mullahs to profit from our dismantling of ISIS. And if they don’t get the message, use lethal force.


I fear that soon ISIS will start upping the ante with their video releases. Beheadings won’t deliver enough shock value for the Game of Thrones postmodern pop culture. What sorts of videos should one expect next to terrorize Americans? Look at Rotherham to see another ancient method of warfare adapted for today…

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