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'Do Gun Owners Have Any Rights Which Liberals Are Bound to Respect?'

Good piece at Reason, but I think it asks the wrong question.

The question isn’t whether gun owners have any rights which liberal are bound to respect. The question is whether anyone other than liberals has any rights which liberals are bound to respect?

And briefly, surveying the evidence available today, the answer is no.

Liberals as a group, or progressives if you like, don’t feel duty-bound or honor-bound to respect the rights of anyone outside their group.

Not gun owners, who progs regularly demonize and call names.

Not Christians, who find ourselves under assault via the Obamacare mandate and now the Hobby Lobby hysteria.

Not pro-lifers.

Not teenage girls who hunt.

Not the eeeevil Koch brothers.

Not whole states that don’t want to be subjected to hard left social and economic policy.

Not black Republicans.

No one.

Say anything that today’s progs don’t like and they’ll unfriend you, smear you, attack you, even directly assault you.

The one thing that they’re least likely to do is listen to you or defend your right to disagree with them.