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The Border Patrol is 'Overrun' by the Massive Surge in Illegal Immigration

Sen. John Cornyn says that Americans have an obligation to “take care” of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who are now massing up on the Texas-Mexico border. The illegal aliens have brought contagious diseases including staph and scabies with them. Why the American taxpayer is obligated to take care of them is not clear. If someone breaks into my house, am I obligated to help them raid my fridge?

The fact is, we already are taking care of them. We have already turned three military bases over to hold them. We will spend in excess of $2 billion this year on them.

The Obama administration is lying about what is causing the sudden influx of mostly juvenile border crossers. The administration is blaming it on a spike in violence in their home countries. The drug war continues in Mexico, but about 70% of the current crossers are not from Mexico. They are from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The crossers are crossing through Mexico’s drug war to get here, often getting attacked, robbed and raped by the cartels and coyotes along the way.

A Border Patrol memo lays out the cause clearly — all the talk of amnesty is prompting people to risk their lives to cross Mexico and get to the United States before any new laws are passed. It’s not about violence back home, but about exploiting US law here.

The surge in illegal immigrants jumping the U.S. border in recent weeks is almost entirely due to U.S. policy, according to an internal Border Patrol intelligence memo that says the immigrants are taking advantage of the catch-and-release system of enforcement.

The immigrants come seeking “permisos,” which apparently are the “Notices to appear” or NTAs, the legal documents given to non-Mexicans caught at the border that officially put them in deportation proceedings — but that also grant them at least a temporary entry to the interior of the U.S.

The “permisos” are being reported in Central American media. According to the Border Patrol, that’s why these people are all coming now. The question is, why now? The Senate bill has not been on the House agenda for months. What sparked all of this, now?

The Obama administration, already lying about the cause of the influx, suggests a fix which is not actually a fix at all. It would turn the magnet up a notch.

[Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson] said, though, that some of the border jumpers may be motivated by what he called “uncertainty” stemming from U.S. policy and the bill that passed the Senate last year granting legal status to most illegal immigrants in the U.S. — though not to recent arrivals such as the children.

Mr. Johnson said the solution is to go ahead and have the House pass the bill, which he said would remove the uncertainty raised by the Senate’s action.

Basically, do what Chuck Schumer wants, or else. This is not a policy debate. It’s extortion.

Meanwhile, the Border Patrol in Texas is overrun. The massive influx of illegal aliens at the border is soaking up 40% of the Border Patrol’s forces, just to process all the people.

[Rep. Henry] Cuellar says the major influx of illegal immigrants is also putting a major strain on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “Almost 40 percent of the Border Patrol Agents are not at the border they’re actually filling out paperwork, transporting, feeding, moving these folks around. “

Which means, more illegal aliens will get through the border.

The magnet is turned on. Eric Cantor’s defeat last night will do nothing to slow President Obama’s immigration push down. If anything he will be bolder. He will use the crisis on the border to grant as sweeping a set of changes to the law as he believes he can get away with.