Scott Brown 3.0 To Become Official This Week

Fauxcahontas in the rear view mirror

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who has been mulling a Senate run in New Hampshire for the past few months, plans formally to announce his campaign on Thursday, the Republican said in a letter to supporters on Monday.

National Republican supporters have moved quickly to buy ads supporting Brown’s potential run against incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, seeing the race as an opportunity to shrink Democrats’ 55-43 majority in the upper chamber.


I have to admire the guy’s pluckiness. Losing to a woman who was incapable of telling the truth about herself must have not only stung but been a harsh lesson in just how blue the northeastern United States is at heart. One would presume his people have been doing some extensive research about his prospects in New Hampshire.

Should the Democrats try to hit him with the carpetbagger label he can just hold up a picture of Hillary Clinton and say, “Shut it.”


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