Leftmedia Celebrating Meaningless, Movable O-Care Goalposts

It’s like deciding half-way through a semester that getting a D+ will be OK then pretending you’re Einstein reincarnate when you do. Through the miracle of almost no memory whatsoever, the lefty cheerleaders are celebrating the “OMG-SEVEN MILLION!” number like the parents of the paste-eating kid who finally wrote his name legibly for the first time in the fourth grade.


Eric Boehlert at Media Matters is beside himself, dreaming of extra lap time with Uncle George.

Just three weeks ago the Associated Press reported the Obama administration needed “something close to a miracle” in order to “meet its goal” of enrolling six million people into private health care plans via the Affordable Care Act before the looming April 1 deadline arrived.

The article’s premise was telling in that it focused on what the political fallout would be if Obamacare sign-ups fell short. Noticeably absent was any analysis of what an Obamacare deadline success would look like or what the political implications would be. The scenario of success simply wasn’t considered plausible or worth addressing.

Of course, we now know that as many as seven million people enrolled for private coverage through the exchanges established by Obama’s health care law. Thanks to an amazing consumer surge in the month of March, the seven million mark, routinely thought of last year as completely unattainable, and often dismissed this year as not possible, was met.


Think Progress is less emo about the whole affair than Boehlert, but then most teenage girls are less emo than Boehlert.

Ben Domenech at The Federalist reminds us that this celebrated seven million figure is merely around half of what the CBO predicted after the Supreme Court decision.

Byron York explains how a couple of modest tweaks could have achieved pretty much the same thing without screwing up the entire American health care system.

Now everybody get out there and tell your bosses that you’ve exceeded your revised work goals for the week but expect to get paid the same and praised in the process.


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