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Contest Winners: Is the White House Advance Team Secretly Working for Republicans? And More

Photo Credit: Stephen Crowley, New York Times

Photo Credit: Stephen Crowley, New York Times

Thanks to all who entered our latest successful (and hilarious) caption contest.

The sarcasm and humor present in these entries indicated a strong longing and attachment to your inner child. This was likely caused by excessively reading of MAD Magazine by flashlight, while under the covers during your early stages of personality development.

So now that Dr. Sigmund Freud has provided me us with his expert analysis, it is time for the judge’s results.

We have a grand prize winner who goes by the name of “rbj.”

Mr. rbj  is also one of our esteemed Caption Kings known for their creativity, intellect, patriotism and overall snarky-ness. (Is that even a word?) We shall now host a toast to rbj who wrote this gem (and several others great ones too.)

Everything Obama knows about world affairs he learned in kindergarten.

A second grand prize winner using this same theme goes to wintermute who wrote:

Obama finally releases his kindergarten transcripts.

Wintermute also earned an honorable mention for this entry:

Today’s expression of “deep concern” is brought to you by the letters D and B and the number 5.

The great and powerful cfbleachers had two winners:

One small child asked Obama about being allowed to say a prayer in school and he immediately had his lunch money audited.  

At first I thought the rug was a new Chinese Zodiac and we were announcing the Year of The Horse’s Ass.

RockThisTown (another Caption King) earned several honorable mentions:

The President speaks to the last group with whom he still has some credibility.

Kindergarten Flop

“Kids, Just Say No to Rugs…like this.”

“Mamas, Don’t let your Babies Grow Up to be Community Organizers..”

Gallus had a winner with:

…and this is where I have my snack and take my nap–so kids, that’s how a President does a security briefing.

Kuce scores with:

Obama explains his foreign policy “OK kids, A is for Agitate, B is for Broke, C is for Crimea, D is for Don’t, E is for Engage . . . “

Chris Henderson keeps his title as reigning Caption King with these entries:

“And so children, that’s why my favorite letters are I. R. & S.”

His friends in the media swept a lot of dirt under that rug!

The Obama Presidency: A Tragic Carpet Ride.

Cold Bob earned an honorable mention for:

Yes Mr President, the kindergarten furniture does make you look more imposing.

Allen Crowson scores points with these three:

“Whoa! This is a tougher audience than the usual White House press corps.

“If you like your marbles you can keep your marbles.”

“So you see, boys and girls, the Constitution is made up of different combinations of the same letters you see right here under my feet. And that is why I can walk all over it.”

Mandy Manners showed manners with:

“Boys and Girls, can you say ‘ICBM’?”

There were many more terrific entries, but not enough space to display them all, so just go back to the contest and have a good laugh (or cry because they all reflect some truth.)

Finally, the opening reference to MAD Magazine was a result of a serious question my 88-year-old mother asked me recently after reading one of my posts:

“Myra, remember how you used to read MAD Magazine all the time, do you think that affected you?

I will leave the answer up to you and see you next time a photo is worthy of a PJM Tatler photo caption contest.

WAIT!!  Hold the presses!  A friend from Washington D.C.  (thanks RB)  just sent me this photo as I was about to post this piece. This is not a contest, but you will enjoy “putting around” with it. The caption read:

“Another Golf Match With Putin.”


Golf Putin 2



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