Hillary Clinton, Superhero, Icon and Example to All Women Everywhere, Hasn't Driven a Car in Nearly 20 Years?

Media still bring up the fake George Bush/grocery store scanner story to illustrate that Republicans are out of touch with the public and our everyday lives and concerns.


They’ll bury this nugget as deeply as they possibly can. MSNBC, which created a smear of Mitt Romney when he visited a WaWa store, and which Politico among others repeated, will ignore this until the very end of time.


If Hillary gives a real interview any time soon — she won’t, but humor me here — she should be asked about Benghazi, and then she should be asked how much a gallon of gas costs.

More: If the media says anything about Hillary admitting that she’s so out of touch that she hasn’t even driven a car in decades, it may go something like this trick pulled by the Texas Tribune last week. The framing will be backwards, not “X did Y” but “Z accuses X of doing Y.” Conservatives will be “accused” of saying that Hillary Clinton said she hasn’t driven in nearly 20 years, instead of just reporting the fact that Hillary admitted she hasn’t driven in nearly 20 years.


More: Like I said, the media will spin the story around so that the Republicans are the villains in a story about what Democrats say and do.


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