New Caption Contest: Just How Mad Is Michelle As Obama Enjoys the Danish? (Prime Minister)

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Reuters


Who knew Nelson Mandela’s funeral would be such fun?

Here is the caption that ran in the UK Daily Mail under the subject of our latest photo caption contest:


Obama and the Danish Prime Minister share a joke during the memorial service as the First Lady looks on unimpressed.

UNIMPRESSED? Really?  Talk about understatements.

How about this caption instead:

If looks could kill, the Secret Service would have Michelle arrested.

So with the photo providing such great raw material, I am confident that PJ Media readers will submit captions, “thought bubbles” and other assorted comments that will impress all who read them.

Here are some suggestions and general guidelines:

What is the joke that Obama is telling Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schimidt?

Did he just ask her if she used to be captain of the Danish Bikini Team? Is THAT why the First Lady is so  ticked off  “unimpressed?” 

What is Michelle glaring at?

Give me “thought bubbles” people! I MUST know what Michelle is thinking.

Now let’s talk about the rules. Keep it clean, classy and sassy are all that apply to this contest.

Have fun and remember not to tick off Michelle Obama anymore than her husband already has.





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