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Landrieu: Of Course I Would Vote for Obamacare Again!

In which Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu has no choice but to support an awful policy that she cannot deny supporting.

The question came from WAFB TV. The answer comes from arrogance and dishonesty: “The Affordable Care Act, as I said, the bill itself, has very good concepts. And yes, I would support it again. But that doesn’t excuse the poor rollout of what should have happened. There should not have been a glitch in the software.”

The triumph of “concepts” — intentions — versus real world effects…

As has been written here and elsewhere a zillion times, Obamacare’s real problems aren’t tied to the website or its awful rollout. They’re tied to what the policy does and what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to fundamentally change the healthcare insurance industry, and it’s designed to force younger, healthier Americans to subsidize other people’s healthcare. It cannot work without causing widespread cancellations, rate hikes and pain, and forcing millions to pay more and get less. It was designed to restrict choice, and on the side, it was designed to divide Americans in ways that Democrats deem politically beneficial to themselves. Obamacare was built on bad ideas and sold with lies.

Landrieu sold her vote and provided the proverbial 60th vote that put Obamacare over the top. All of the Democrats in the Senate can be said to have provided that 60th vote. Because they did.

The honorable thing to do would be to admit that you got it wrong and vow to help get rid of it. But there isn’t an honorable Democrat left in Washington.