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Democrats' Voter ID Theater Culminates with Act of Brave Defiance and Silly Self-Disenfranchisement, but Mostly Silly Self-Disenfranchisement

On Monday we exposed how Democrats are waging a protest/media war against voter ID laws. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is the media base from which this war is being waged.

That in mind, let’s tease out the logic of what Mr. Kendall McCook did in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday, as reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Kendall McCook said he felt he had to stand up for his rights Tuesday.

So he headed to the polls at Daggett Elementary School, where he handed over his voter registration card to vote in the constitutional amendment election. But when he was asked for a current photo ID, he refused.

“I told them as far as I was concerned, the law was unconstitutional and would be found unconstitutional,” said McCook, 68, a longtime voter who describes himself as a Roosevelt Democrat. “People have fought through the years for the right to vote.

“I refused to show my driver’s license because the right to vote should not be infringed on.”

So McCook did something he never thought he would do.

The retired schoolteacher and farmer went home and tore up his voter registration card, vowing to not cast another ballot until the state’s Voter ID law, which is in effect statewide for the first time this election, is overturned.

“I will not give in to that law. Why should I have to have a photo ID when I’ve been voting in the same place for years?”

How about, because you’re not the only one who votes there, and to prevent someone else from voting illegally on your behalf? For starters.

To sum up the story, a “Roosevelt Democrat” just voluntarily disenfranchised himself to protest a reasonable and now settled law that he happens to oppose.

Having thought about his actions, I have to say…


If other Democrats want to follow McCook’s lead, they should be encouraged in the endeavor. Go ahead, show us what you’re made of, make our day, and tear up your cards!

Question, though. How did McCook’s private actions in his own home become the lead in a news story in the same paper that has been the home of previous media war stories against voter ID? It’s quite a coincidence, if that’s what it is. How does reporter Anna Tinsley know that McCook really went home and tore up his voter registration card? How does she know that, supposing he did this thing for which he provided no proof, he won’t just replace that card and vote in the next election anyway?

She doesn’t know any of that.

Who wants to take bets that there is no follow-up report on this story next year? Who wants to take bets that Mr. Kendall McCook turns out and votes for Wendy Davis next year, even though voter ID will remain Texas law?