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IPCC Report: Bloviating Gore Gases Biggest Threat To Planet

Well, it should have said that.

In case you’ve forgotten, “Al Gore was vice president of the United States from 1993-2001.” The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein delivers that news in setting up an interview with Gore, who is known these days mostly as an alarmist advocate of global warmism.

Gore uses the interview to claim vindication for his 2006 “documentary,” “An Inconvenient Truth”: “You mentioned my movie back in the day. The single most common criticism from skeptics when the film came out focused on the animation showing ocean water flowing into the World Trade Center memorial site. Skeptics called that demagogic and absurd and irresponsible. It happened last October 29th, years ahead of schedule, and the impact of that and many, many other similar events here and around the world has really begun to create a profound shift.”

The reference is to Hurricane Sandy, a Category 2 storm when it struck the Northeastern U.S., flooding parts of New York and New Jersey, including downtown Manhattan. (Sandy peaked in the Caribbean as a Category 3 storm. By comparison, 2005’s Hurricane Katrina went as high as Category 5 and made landfall at Category 3.)

But if we roll the film–which is less than scintillating, but the clip lasts less than 2½ minutes–we find that what Gore predicted in “An Inconvenient Truth” was something far direr than a storm and a flood. He predicted that lower Manhattan–along with vast and heavily populated swaths of Florida, California, the Netherlands, China, India and Bangladesh–would be permanently submerged owing to higher sea levels.

Gore has become filthy rich by lying about the causes of climate change and overstating, well, everything. He has been a little upset during the Obama years because the focus has been more on health care than the Climate Cult and not enough of those green “investment” dollars from the government ended up in his bank account. In fact, it’s been kind of rough all around for the professional alarmists lately, so Bloato is focused on being even more disingenuous in the hopes of getting those dollars flowing from the faithful again.

Leftist media celebrates Gore as a visionary and an intellectual. At first glance, this seems absurd. Relative to the rest of the brain trust over there, however, it becomes more plausible.