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Even Time Notices that Matt Damon Is Full of It on Education

(h/t: National Review Online)

Seriously, this guy

Oscar winner Matt Damon has earned millions successfully playing a super spy, tortured genius, rugby icon, and poker player. Yet a new role is turning out to be a challenge for the actor and activist: Parent forced to square his public stands about other people’s children with his private choices about his own. When the avowedly liberal actor revealed in an interview last week that he was sending his children to private schools – despite his vocal criticism of education reform efforts and statements about his staunch public school support – it was catnip for conservatives. Damon’s choice also raised the question of whether it is hypocritical for education reform opponents to make choices they would deny to others through public policy.

Yes, it is quite hypocritical but it is also Standard Operating Procedure over in Prog Land. However, as progressive lunacy only works well in fantasy and generally sows misery in reality, the Prog elites are adamant about making sure they live by a “Hippie b.s. for thee but not for me” rule.

And nowhere are they more loaded with manure than when it comes to education. Progressive support for public education in America is about one thing only: defending the public school/Big Labor cash pipeline to the Democrats. They actually fight (constantly) for children to be forced to go to schools where they are in physical danger every day rather than give them the choice to be safe and well educated. The National Education Association is the most evil labor organization in America and also one of the biggest financial supporters of Democrats, yet very few of the prominent Democrats who rise to power with NEA money would send their kids to a public school.

But if you question this you hate children.

Matt Damon is making speeches about public education, telling the little people how they should raise their children.

I’ll listen when his kids spend a couple of years in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Kidding. I still won’t listen.

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