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States Where Obamacare Will Cost You More Money

CNNMoney takes a look at how Obamacare will impact health insurance premiums in different states.

While many residents in New York and California may see sizable decreases in their premiums, Americans in many places could face significant increases if they buy insurance through state-based exchanges next year.

The first part of that is dubious — New York’s own law already goes farther than Obamacare in some ways, and the study cited to back the claim that its premiums would go down due to Obamacare depends on Americans not knowing much about history.

Which is a very safe bet, actually. How many New Yorkers even realize that the Democrats they keep electing just keep wrecking their health care? How many Maryland and Connecticut voters realize that Obamacare just chased Aetna out of their state?

But let’s look at a few of the states where Obamacare will cause premiums to go up, according to CNNMoney.

Some lightly regulated states, including Indiana, Ohio, Florida and South Carolina, have recently released preliminary rate information highlighting steep price increases. Unlike the blue states of California and New York, these are Republican-led states that have strongly opposed the Affordable Care Act, as Obamacare is officially known.

Florida predicts rises of 35%, Ohio 41%, and Indiana, a whopping 72%. As two of the three are swing states, this ought to present an opportunity for the GOP, and ought to spell trouble for the Democrats. It ought to, but establishment Republicans are too busy being skeered of Ted Cruz to take the fight to the Democrats.

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice or say this, but none of the states named in that article as sufferers of Obamacare premium spikes are true blue states. Indiana is red, Florida and Ohio are reddish purple. Yes, all three have gone for Obama at least once, but the GOP remains strong in all of them and still dominates in Indiana and Florida, at least for now. South Carolina is bright red. Supposing that the first sentence in CNNMoney’s article is true, premiums in blue states will go down as premiums in red states will go up.

Here’s what we’re looking at: Obamacare is the blue state model being imposed on red states. Two election cycles made this possible — 2006, when the Democrats took Congress on the “culture of corruption” meme, and 2008, when Obama took the White House. That’s all it took for the failing blue state model to be pushed nationwide.

Obamacare is also the blue states taxing the red states, against their will, to prop themselves and their failing, big government model up.

It’s all just one more way that Obamacare is fundamentally unfair and anti-democratic.