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Pelosi Lashes Out, CNN Downplays Weinergate II

Rep. Nancy Pelosi can read a poll, and must realize that she’s looking like a hack and a fool for trying not to comment on Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner and their sexcapades. So during today’s weekly press conference, she lashed out at both.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tore into Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, two former House Democrats who are now taking heat for inappropriate behavior towards women.

“Let me be very clear, the conduct of some of these people that we’re talking about here is reprehensible,” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill.

Her comments came Wednesday after Rep. Jerry Nadler, a fellow Democrat who represents part of Manhattan, made biting comments about Weiner, saying Tuesday night that the New York City mayoral hopeful “needs serious psychiatric help.”

Nadler led the way, calling for Weiner to withdraw.

Now, pay attention to how CNN characterizes what Weiner did.

Weiner admitted this week that he continued sending racy messages more than a year after the same habit forced his 2011 resignation from Congress.

“Racy”? Weiner established the online personna Carlos Danger and sent crystal clear pictures of his penis to a 22-year-old woman while he and his wife were telling the world that he’d been cured.  Those uncensored pictures are now posted on the website that broke Weinergate II. He was telling Syyydney Leathers the Obama operative that his marriage to Clinton operative Huma Abedin was a sham and that he wanted to set up a sex house in Chicago to meet up with her. Leathers, that is, not Abedin.

That’s not “racy.” That’s hundreds of miles past “racy.”