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BREAKING: Senate Breaks Jam, Saves Filibuster

The Senate remains the Senate — for now:

U.S. Senate Democrats backed away on Tuesday from a potentially historic crackdown on filibusters in exchange for a Republican commitment to stop using them to block some long-stalled nominations made by President Barack Obama.

But Reuters being Reuters, I want you to read the next graf:

Their agreement, reached after days of talks and jockeying for political position, will allow Obama to fill out his second-term team with top administrators to lead efforts to protect workers, consumers and the environment.

Obama to appoint top administrators to protect you from evil, over strenuous Republican objection that almost forced Harry Reid to go nuclear!

But he still might:

“They (Republicans) are not sacrificing their right to filibuster, and we for damn sure aren’t sacrificing our right to change the rules” to ban them, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, declared after tense negotiations.

Reid will use whatever suits Reid at any given moment. Kind of like Reuters.