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Madness and Chaos in Austin as Threats of Violence Against Pro-Life Activists Escalate

At about 10 p.m. Friday night, pro-life activist Abby Johnson posted this on her Facebook page:

Prolifers! Please get out of the Capitol…or find a safe place to go away from the proaborts. DPS is encouraging all prolifers to leave. Please be safe and get out now.

Shortly before midnight, blogger Adam Cahnman also confirmed that law enforcement is asking pro-life activists to leave or stay away from the capitol.

Cahnman’s Musings is currently holed up in an undisclosed location at the Texas Capitol. We are not in danger in any way shape or form. The Department of Public Safety has asked pro-lifers to stay away from the mob.

Other pro-life activists tweeted that they were being told to either hide out in offices or to get away from the capitol. There have been unconfirmed reports that a pro-abortion activist had been caught with a gun in or near the building. Whatever the cause, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX36) confirmed that police are telling pro-life activists to leave the capitol for their own safety.

It’s striking that no one feels the need to tell the other side that they should leave for their own safety.

Even as the threats escalated, the Senate continued to hear arguments on the bill. Late Friday night, Sen. Eddie Lucio (D-Cameron County) stood up to speak in favor of the bill. He noted that many of the Democrats who support taking such extreme actions to defend the woman’s right to choose an abortion would not help a mother choose which school she could send her children to.

The Department of Public Safety confirmed earlier Friday that it had confiscated jars of urine and feces during security inspections of the protesters who were attempting to get inside the capitol. That followed reports that the pro-abortion protesters were bringing tampons and condoms and other objects into the capitol to hurl at pro-life activists and Republican representatives and senators. When DPS started confiscating those, bricks, glitter and the aforementioned jars evidently became Plan B. Some media erroneously reported that all feminine hygiene products were being confiscated. That was not true. Police were only confiscating products in quantities that made it evident that the protesters who possessed them were going to throw them in protest, not use them for their intended medical uses.

The Texas Democratic Party has egged these protests on from the beginning. It has consistently hidden behind its phony “stand with women” rhetoric, ignoring the role in the debate played by women like Dr. Donna Campbell and state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg. It has encouraged the mob to descend on Austin and act up inside the capitol. It has not distanced itself from even the worst offenders on its side. Even after today’s revelations of discoveries of jars of human waste, the Texas Democrats found yet another low.


Nobody “wins” on a day like today.

Update: The bill passed the Texas Senate, 19-11, at 11:59 pm. It awaits Gov. Rick Perry’s signature to become law.

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Update: After the vote, and after President Obama’s irresponsible reaction to it, the mob continued to occupy the Texas capitol. Well, Austin may be the blue dot in Texas’ red sea but it’s not New York. DPS is escorting them out.


Photo by Ashley Everhart, posted on Facebook.