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White House: If You Question the ObamaCare Delays, You're 'Willfully Ignorant'

Jay Carney just smeared a majority of the American people, along with several Democrats, when he dodged a question about the Obama administration’s decision to delay the employer mandate by at least a year.

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Among the “willfully ignorant” is Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin, quoted in the New York Times wondering how the Obama administration can unilaterally change a law passed by Congress.

Joining Harking in “willful ignorance” is Democrat Rep. John Barrow, who just wants to scrap the mandate entirely.

The Affordable Care Act law, as passed, made no provision for the waivers that the administration has granted, and it also made no provision for delaying the employer mandate.

The reporter makes a great point at the beginning of the video that Carney dodges: If you can delay enforcement of the ObamaCare mandate, why can’t you also delay enforcement of border security if Congress passes any kind of immigration “reform” package?

The answer is, if the law’s language doesn’t allow such delays, the administration cannot legally delay it. That isn’t stopping them from delaying the employer mandate. Only impeachment will stop the administration’s lawless behavior, and as long as the Senate is in Harry Reid’s grip, no impeachment is possible. Federal courts may provide some relief, but they may not. It depends to too great an extent on which party happened to appoint the judge who hears the case.

So Republicans should scuttle any immigration “reform” and point squarely to the Obama administration’s lawless handling of its own signature law when explaining their actions to the American people. Simply put, this administration cannot be trusted to faithfully carry out any law, however it is written.