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Texas Pro-Abortion Protester: Hey Rick Perry, Stay Out of Healthcare!

The problem of arguing with liberals is that their hypocrisy never sinks in on them. I’ve been pointing out on Facebook that the same people who never care that new regulations cost business money oppose SB5 because it would cost Planned Parenthood money to upgrade its clinics so that they meet minimum ambulatory surgical center standards. The same people who tend to be skeptical of corporations are standing up for a billion dollar corporation that has been caught lying to and abusing its customers while it soaks up corporate welfare.

And take this guy. Total hypocrite.

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His sign says “Perry! Keep your dirty political hands off my daughter’s healthcare rights!”


Gov. Perry didn’t even sponsor the bill. State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, a woman, did, but that fact gets in the way of the narrative.

And this guy probably has no problem with Barack Obama being all up in his daughter’s healthcare, giving out morning after pills to “women of any age” including women who are actually young girls, and forcing religious businesses and charities to fund contraception in violation of their consciences.

h/t @MissLizaFace