IRS Chief Admits that the Agency Improperly Targeted Groups Until May 2013

Until they were caught and the IG was about to release his investigation, in other words. Keeping our eye on the ball here, the IRS originally said that the targeting stopped in 2012. Now, that story is no longer operative. The IRS kept right on targeting the president’s enemies. There’s a mid-term to win in 2014, dontchaknow. Maybe in December 2014 we’re learn that today’s story wasn’t really operative and the IRS continued targeting the president’s enemies right through the mid-term.


The acting head of the IRS said Monday that the agency was still giving improper scrutiny to groups seeking tax-exempt status when he arrived in May, suggesting that the probe into the IRS’s treatment of conservative groups could widen.

Danny Werfel, the acting chief, said that the IRS division overseeing tax-exempt applications used other “be on the lookout” lists as they tried to flag cases that needed more attention.

Basic questions still not answered: Who came up with those BOLO lists and how were they disseminated through the chain of command? Who wrote the opposition research-style questions that the IRS was asking of Tea Party groups?

We may never get those answers. Republicans are too busy giving away the country, and Werfel is already indicating his intention to become part of the cover-up.

But Werfel also stressed that – while investigations into the targeting are ongoing – there is no evidence yet that officials outside the IRS were involved, nor is there any reason yet to believe that there was “intentional wrongdoing” among agency officials.

Werfel, whose official title now is principal deputy commissioner, also said there was no evidence to date that suggests there were similar problems in other areas of the IRS.


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