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Photo Caption Contest Winner: Hear No Evil



Since our latest Photo Caption Contest posted on June 6th, the Verizon revelation that served as the inspiration behind the contest has gone forth and multiplied into a mega-data-mega-scandal-mega-monster that consumes everything digital in its path.

So while the media and the government go mad trying to sort it all out, think of this winner’s post as a secure oasis where you can reflect upon the timely concept of WWOFFD. (What Would Our Founding Fathers Do?)

Due to the popularity of this contest resulting in an over-abundance of creative captions submitted by our brilliant, witty readers, no one winner could be declared. Therefore, our panel of VIP judges chose groups of winning captions.

Here is the Honorable Mention Group.

From rbj:

Obama is very happy as Chris Christie has asked him for a second date.

From Mike7777777:

You’re fine, I told Holder to grab everyone’s phone records except for my pot dealers

From LeighB:

“What? You voted for me six times? Call me back when you double that.”

From Kimbly:

“I love the sound of treason in the morning”

Born Free submitted three winners:

“Ground control to Major Tom…”

“Your call cannot go through. An armed drone is on its way to your location. You coulda stopped this in 2012, but it’s too late now, suckas!”

Dial in now to our certified 501(c) toll-free phonebank of IRS-deputized OFA comrades, and find out how you too could win a chance for a phone call with ‘O’

From smoothsailing:

Obama: “I’m listening to the Muslim call to prayer, it’s one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.” (Judges note: In case you forgot, President Obama actually made this statement.)

Now for the “Caption King” winner’s circle with a few Grand Prizes tossed out to the best of the best.

From cfbleachers:

Yeah, Vlad. I promised you that in my second term, I would have a little more “flexibility”. I’ve stolen every Constitutional right from the useful idiots that I could. 

Can you fear me now?  (Grand Prize)

For English, press 1. For Arabic, press 2. For tyranny, press “O”.

Vlad, sorry to hear about your divorce, comrade. Yeah, she bought the lipstick on the collar from the Auntie bit…whew! Otherwise, I would have had my reset button pushed, permanently.

Yeah, yeah…I’m Commander in Chief…blah, blah, blah. This is my second term, I’m phoning it in. (Grand Prize)

Does this have a Choom App?

When I first got an “I Phone” I thought they had named it after one of my speeches.

How can I talk to you and make any sense? Where’s the teleprompter on this thing?

So, Samantha Power says let’s attack Israel and Susan Rice chimes in…”and we can blame it on a YouTube video!”

No, Shulman…I didn’t say make a collect call to all Republicans, I said make a COLLECTION call on all Republicans. After 167 visits here you would think you would have this down by now.

Lois Lerner, this is Clark Kent. Let’s do a secret, invitation only conference call with our media at the Daily Plant-it.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But media conspired power, corrupts…with absolution.

From RockThisTown:

“I still want to spread the wealth . . . of information.” (Grand Prize)

Obama-phone set on Chrissie Matthews leg tingle vibrate.

Obama takes Heat in NBA Finals . . . but takes no heat in USA scandals.

For the first time in her life, Michelle is proud of Barack’s phone. (Grand Prize)

Hello, Apple? I’m signing an Executive Order today changing the name of the iPhone to the O-phone. Don’t worry – there’s a couple billion in it for you.”

“This 900 number Axelrod turned me onto is fantastic!”

A bitter phone clinger.

Obama on his daily conference call with the non-Fox media giving them their marching orders.

From Chris Henderson:

“I’ve got America’s number. It’s 1-9-8-4.”  (Grand Prize)

“Can you impeach me now?” (Grand Prize)

No Mr. Putin, Bill Clinton didn’t leave his little black book in the Oval Office. Why do you ask?” 

Even on the phone Obama drones on and on.

From Allan Crowson: (Who is not yet a Caption King, only a Grand Prize Winner.)

Listen, when I said I wanted an unlimited data plan, I truly meant it: unlimited data, that’s the plan.

Thanks to all who played along making this contest so successful and competitive.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Tatler Photo Caption Contest!