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Gosnell Murdered Babies In Delaware, But Won't Be Charged

Kermit Gosnell may be spending the rest of his life in prison for the egregious crimes he committed at his abortion clinic in Philadelphia, but he did some cross border raids into Delaware as well.  Sadly, he won’t be charged for the ‘snipping of necks’ in the Blue Hen state.  Steven Ertelt at Life News cited Delaware Online, who reported today that:

According to investigators and court papers, Gosnell used the same type of risky, labor-inducing approach to abortions at the Atlantic clinic in Wilmington that sometimes resulted in children being delivered alive by abortion patients.

Others told investigators they saw Gosnell snipping spinal columns of babies that were delivered at the Atlantic clinic.

But the problem for Delaware investigators was that they did not have witnesses who could testify to seeing Gosnell severing the spinal cords of any of the babies who showed apparent signs of life after they were delivered at Atlantic.

“The Wilmington police and the Attorney General’s Office were understandably concerned and suspicious that similar conduct was occurring here in Delaware,” said Deputy Attorney General Steven Wood.

“We uncovered anecdotal evidence that concerned us, but police were never able to uncover sufficient evidence to justify an arrest or prosecution [in Delaware],” Wood said.


One of the three first-degree murder convictions against Gosnell – and the only one that tied Gosnell directly to ending the life of a baby who was delivered alive by an abortion patient – was the case of “Baby A,” whose 17-year-old mother first consulted Gosnell in July 2008 at the Atlantic clinic.

According to testimony, the girl was well past the 24th week of pregnancy and Gosnell started an illegal late-term abortion in Wilmington, giving her labor-inducing drugs at the Atlantic clinic, with instructions to report to the Philadelphia clinic the next day