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Tom Perez: Obama's Man at the White House

The big news today is that IRS head Doug Schulman visited the White House a stunning 157 times during the time a policy targeting the Tea Party was developed.  But Schulman isn’t the only non-cabinet member from administration to visit the White House an extraordinary number of times.  So did truth-challenged and Senate-stalled Labor Department nominee Tom Perez.

Tom Perez

Tom Perez

The Daily Caller study of the White House visitor logs demonstrates that Perez was the third overall most frequent visitor to the White House, just behind Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank.  Perez visited the White House 83 times during a period in which he overrode the recommendations of career Justice Department lawyers to preclear South Carolina voter ID under the Voting Rights Act and blocked Texas Voter ID. 

During the same period, Perez allowed the nation’s voter rolls to become bloated with millions of dead voters by refusing to bring any cases under Section 8 of the Motor Voter law.  This federal law requires states to maintain clean voter rolls before federal elections.  Instead, millions of dead and ineligible voters were allowed by Perez to remain on the rolls for the November 2012 election because his radical ideology prevented him from enforcing the law.

The Perez nomination is currently stalled in the Senate with Republicans vowing to block the nomination for multiple reasons, including Perez’s inability to tell the truth under oath, a defect shared by his boss Eric Holder.