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Great: IRS Uses Scandal As Excuse To Create Another Worthless Government Job

Yeah, this is going to help

The new head of the IRS is moving quickly to reshape the scandal-plagued agency.

Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel is creating a new position at the agency — chief risk officer — to improve internal controls. In a note to agency employees today, Werfel said he installed David Fisher in the role.

Fisher will be responsible for making the changes “necessary for restoring the integrity of IRS operations.”

All of that extra Obamacare expansion money and they didn’t think to have someone around to make sure they didn’t suck?

In the terminally diseased mind of a career bureaucrat, the only correct answer to any question is “MORE BUREAUCRACY!” So, even amidst a lot of caterwauling about the people in charge not knowing what was going on because the government has gotten too big to handle, the only conclusion any of them could come to in their bizarro world is: “So let’s make it bigger.”

Four more years.

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