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'Poor Dear, There's Nothing Between His Ears'

I have to do it in short spurts, I’m only human after all, but I monitor some of the left-wing extremist web sites.  You may have seen some of your liberal friends buying into a serious revision of history in the wake of the death of the great Margaret Thatcher.   Many from the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd are pointing to a quote, allegedly from Thatcher, insulting former President Ronald Reagan.

The “alleged” quote comes from the “alleged” journalist Peter Jenkins, who quoted Thatcher as saying of Reagan, ”Poor dear, there’s nothing between his ears.”   My first reaction was to demand context.  The left wing sites don’t offer that.  My second thought was, “That’s all the extreme left wing has, a 2nd hand alleged quote?”  So instead of relying on hearsay, I thought I’d quote the late Prime Minister directly to gauge her feelings for our 40th president.  In a 1997 speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Thatcher said, “As soon as I met Governor Reagan, I knew that we were of like mind, and manifestly so did he.  We shared a rather unusual philosophy and we shared something else rather unusual as well: We were in politics because we wanted to put our philosophy into practice.”   At Reagan’s funeral in 2004 Thatcher said, “We have lost a great president, a great American and a great man. And I have lost a dear friend.”  And as if predicting the left wing extremists attempt to revise history upon her death, Thatcher said, “After all, so many people have been proved wrong by Ronald Reagan that they simply daren’t acknowledge his achievement. Forests have already been pulped to print the revisionist analyses of the ’80s.”  Committed left-wingers are funny when they try to re-write history. They are funny because their assertions demonstrate they in fact have “nothing between the ears.”   Feel free to share this with the liberals on your Facebook page.