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Democrat Apologizes for His Call Box Rape Remarks, Plays the Race Card, Blames Republicans

Even though being a Democrat tends to mean never having to say you’re sorry, when you do have to say you’re sorry, you can always blame Republicans — for what you said with your own fool mouth.

The video of a Democratic lawmaker talking about rape while debating a gun bill involving college campuses has gone viral, with Republicans and Second Amendment activists likening Rep. Joe Salazar to failed Senate candidate Todd Akin.

The freshman lawmaker from Thornton apologized Monday, agreeing his comment was inartful but saying he’s not the “boorish, macho, Neanderthal Latino” conservatives are making him out to be.

It’s got nothing to do with being Latino or macho, but it was nice of Salazar to play the race card.

He suggested that if a woman is in imminent danger of being raped, she may not actually be in danger, and should use a call box, a safe zone or a whistle, rather than resorting to a firearm to defend herself. Because guns don’t make anyone safer, even when they do.

There’s nothing Latino in that. There’s much idiocy, though.

At any rate, expect this to blow over quickly. He’s a fool, but he’s a Democrat, and as Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton proved and Bob Menendez is in the process of proving, Democrats can get away with just about anything. Right now, Barack Obama is out there blasting the sequestration as a “meat axe” and a bad idea, even though it was his bad idea. The press won’t call him on that, and this Salazar character will have a bad couple of days and then go on to have as long a political career as he pleased.

Republicans are playing the whole thing wrong, anyway.

Republicans said Salazar’s remarks were akin to Akin, a Missouri Senate candidate. When asked about his stance against abortion in cases of rape, Akin replied, “From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

That just reminds everyone that we lost the Senate thanks to a couple of idiots and injects the GOP into the story. It won’t put the Democrats on the defensive or highlight the line of Democrat misogyny that runs from Kennedy through Clinton to the present day.