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We're Still A Right-of-Center Nation

As conservatives hear about how our ideology is facing a demographic challenge, a new Gallup poll gives us more insight into the nation’s political leanings, and it’s rather good news.  The new poll showed that in forty-eight out of fifty states, conservatives outnumber liberals.  Even in California, there’s a 6.3 conservative advantage. Gallup took “the percentage conservative minus the percentage liberal in each state.”

Patrick Burke at CNS News reported on February 1 that:

nationally, the amount of self-identified conservatives (38 percent) still outnumbers liberals (23 percent). The disparity between conservatives and liberals has remained consistent since Gallup began its tracking in 2008.

The top three conservative states in the U.S. were Alabama, with 50.6 percent of its citizens identifying as conservative followed by North Dakota and Wyoming, which both had 48.6 percent.

Two states—Massachusetts and Rhode Island—along with the District of Columbia were the only places where there were more self-identified liberals than conservatives.

Although the national gap between conservatives and liberals became smaller, the amount of self-identified conservatives still outnumbers both liberals and moderates.

Yes, blue states outnumber red states, but, as I mentioned before, it’s not all doom and gloom.  Conservatives still outnumber liberals and moderates — with liberals being the smallest proportion of ideological voters.  Hence, the notion that we’re a right-of-center nation is confirmed.  Republicans need to revamp their messaging to animate the base, and prevent alienating moderates from voting Democrat in elections.  Furthermore, if Republicans commit to playing defense, which is what the Romney campaign did pervasively in 2012, that’ll also move moderates to the left, and give a good reason for conservatives to stay home.

Granted, it doesn’t mean we give up on outreach to the Hispanic community, but it shows that the demographic challenge is not unwinnable for conservatives.

As 2014 approaches, the onus is on Republicans not to screw up.  The ball is in their court. It’s our game to lose.

(H/T Weasel Zippers / Patrick Burke at CNS News)