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Giving the Mullahs the Finger

Does it take you forever to remove a thief’s fingers? Are you tired of the unsightly mess it leaves behind? Ever wished there was a handy device to simplify your job as an Iranian Finger Removal Engineer? Wait no more:

Iran has purportedly unveiled its latest method of punishing convicted criminals — a rudimentary machine that amputates the fingers of thieves.

The images, which were released last week by Iran’s ISNA news service, depict three masked officials holding the convicted man’s right hand in a vice as another turns the guillotine much like a rotary saw. The unidentified prisoner had been convicted of theft and adultery by a court in Shiraz last Wednesday.

With elections scheduled for June, an Iranian human rights group expects to see more public executions and more vicious corporal punishments like this to serve as a warning to would-be protestors.