[VIDEO] NY Democrat Votes for Gun Ban While Admitting that It Won't Reduce Crime

This is one of the most extraordinary political speeches I’ve ever seen. NY state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. of Bronx County took to the floor of the state’s assembly during the gun control debate to speak on behalf of the bill that became law. That law was hastily rammed through the assembly, with very little debate allowed, in violation of state law. But Diaz still managed to note that the bill is entirely a Democrat venture. Politicians usually try to spread blame around just in case there are unintended consequences, as there have been with this law. He also noted that despite the fact that it would not do any good, he would still vote for it.


“I assure you, nothing’s gonna change,” Diaz said. “We have lost respect for life, we have no respect and fear of God. Not until we go back to those standards, nothing’s gonna control crime.

“It’s the mind. It’s not the weapon, it’s not the revolver, it’s not the rifle. It’s the mind,” he said. And then he voted for the bill to become law anyway.

That he is right is almost too obvious to bother detailing. A moral people could have a gun in every room in every home and there would be little danger posed. But a moral people would not countenance dishonest arguments framed by politicians in an effort to curb the rights of law-abiding citizens. They wouldn’t stand for it.

Diaz’s honesty is refreshing. Too bad his courage and judgement are so lacking.


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