House Adjourns Until Next Year

The US House of Representatives adjourned at about 6:30 pm eastern and will not take up any new business until noon on New Year’s Day. That means that we’re going over the cliff, folks, no matter what the Senate and White House do. Like Marshall, Will and Holly.


I just watched Democrat Kirsten Powers on Fox opine that President Obama doesn’t want to go over the cliff because he has no vested interest in doing bad things to the economy. Evidently she has been asleep for four years. Obama has done nothing but bad things to the economy, and it drove up dependence and helped get him re-elected. The fiscal cliff with its deep defense cuts and tax hikes was his White House’s idea, and the Republicans were dumb enough to fall for it, the media covered for him when he lied about it. Going over the cliff gives him everything he wants and then some, and gives the Republicans nothing.

Happy New Year everyone! Your taxes are going up, at least temporarily, while fraudster dinosaurs like Charlie Rangel and Joe Biden work out our economic future. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes the Mayans might have been right.


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