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Video: Rep. Peter King Rips CNN's Soledad O'Brien,

With all the lamentation among the commentariat over whether the Romney campaign’s surrogate spokesmen are effective or not, here’s a thought: Make Rep. Peter King an unofficial spokesman. He doesn’t spare mediots like Soledad O’Brien any quarter.

O’Brien goes to bat for President Obama, only to have King set the record straight.

“Never once in that speech, as you know…I have the speech right here…he never once used the word ‘apology,’” O’Brien said, referring to Obama’s 2009 address in Cairo. “He never once said, ‘I’m sorry.’”

“He didn’t have to,” King shot back. “Any logical reading of that speech, or the speech he gave in France, where he basically said that the United States can be too aggressive.”

O’Brien interrupted, offering the date of that speech—“April 3, 2009”—and adding, “but that’s not apology.”

“He was overseas, criticizing American officials and the CIA and others,” said King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. “When he says that we lost our ideals—these are the people who kept us safe for eight, nine years against Islamic terrorists.”

The CNN host, brandishing copies of Obama’s speeches, said, “I’m trying to find the words, ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘I apologize,’ in any of those speeches.”

She added that the website has debunked the notion that the president went on an “apology tour.”

“I don’t care what Factcheck says,” King said.

Factcheck will come along any second to announce that King is lying when he says he doesn’t care what Factcheck says.