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Hillary and Obama Racist Toward Arabs?

As the late Andrew Breitbart demonstrated so well with his untaken offer of one hundred thousand dollars for anyone with proof of Tea Party racism, racism on the right is a monumental canard. But what of the left?

Do Hillary and Obama treat Arabs in a racist manner by infantilizing them? If not, why these constant apologies for an inconsequential video of uncertain provenance when the result is endless murder, violence and mayhem? Why not a direct and grownup condemnation of murder, violence and mayhem?

The truth is this demonstrates how racist Hillary and Barack are in their attitudes toward Arabs. They show them no respect at all. If they did, they would treat them as they should (and unfortunately not always do) grownups in other cultures.

Wasn’t it Ayaan Hirsi Ali who reminded us that as long as you keep treating Muslims like children they will continue to behave like them?