Bill Clinton to Make 'Economic Case' for Obama at Convention

When you have a flim-flam economy, who better to sell it than a flim-flam man?

Fox News:

Bill Clinton will have a prominent role in this year’s Democratic National Convention, where he is expected to make the economic case for President Obama’s re-election bid.

The Obama campaign confirmed the former president’s appearance late Sunday to Fox News, saying Clinton will argue the U.S. should continue building the economy from the middle class out as per Obama’s policies.

“There’s no one better to cut through on economic issues and lay out the choice in the election because he understands the consequences of the policy differences,” an Obama campaign official said.

The move gives the Obama campaign an opportunity to take advantage of the former president’s immense popularity and remind voters that a Democrat was in the White House the last time the American economy was thriving.

The Associated Press reported that Obama personally asked Clinton to speak at the convention and Clinton enthusiastically accepted. Clinton speaks regularly to Obama and to campaign officials about strategy.

Clinton’s prominent role at the convention will also allow Democrats to embrace party unity in a way that is impossible for Republican rival Mitt Romney.

George W. Bush, the last Republican to hold the White House, remains politically toxic in some circles. While Bush has endorsed Romney, he is not involved in his campaign and has said he does not plan to attend the GOP convention.

Clinton will speak in prime-time at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 5, the night before Obama formally accepts the party nomination. While the number two on the ticket often speaks that night, the Obama campaign has instead decided that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will speak on the same night.

Biden will introduce Obama on Sept. 6 in front of an estimated 70,000 expected attendees. The vice president’s speech will focus on outlining many of the challenges the White House has faced over the past four years and the decisions Obama made to address them, officials said.

“To us it’s about deploying our assets in the most effective way,” Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said. “To have President Clinton on Wednesday night laying out the choice facing voters, and then having Vice President Biden speak right before the president in prime time on Thursday, giving a testimony to the decisions the president has made, the character of his leadership and the battle to rebuild the middle class that’s so central to our message.”


Obama’s idea of building an economy from the “middle out” is meaningless. The economy isn’t being “built” at all — middle out, middle in, right side, upside, downside, or around the corner. The Middle Class is losing ground under this president and to pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

This is where the former president comes in. He is experienced in selling the ridiculous. His claims that welfare reform was his idea, that it was the Democrats that balanced the budget, and that the Oklahoma City bombing was the fault of conservative talk radio reveal his shameless huckstering. It was former senator Bob Kerrey who said of then candidate Clinton, “Clinton’s an unusually good liar. Unusually good. Do you realize that?”

It took the American people a while, but now they do.


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